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I wanted to blog about this because with my first child, I was doing it COMPLETELY the wrong way! I really hope this helps and gives encouragement for those trying to breastfeed.

The most important thing to know about nursing is THE LATCH!!!!! You will see "latch" repeated several times throughout this blog. I cannot express it enough. Once you understand and can feel the difference, it will make nursing so much easier!

For a mother wanting to nurse with the pains and rips and tears from trying, I WANTED it to happen.  I didn't know what it was REALLY supposed to feel like.  I had heard so many stories from so many ladies. "You just have to get used to the pain at first", or It isn't supposed to hurt?".   My newborn and I were trying to figure it out together.  So, for first time mom's out there,  the LATCH is so important!  If you do not have a good latch, then you probably think it's too painful and you do not want to continue.  Nursing is NOT supposed to be painful! Really, for myself I didn't think I was in so much pain in my life. But I cried WANTING so bad to nurse my baby and for it to NOT hurt.  Of course I was prideful and didn't want to get help from anyone, that I would feel dumb or whatever.  I finally thought, there's probably something on the internet.
If you do NOT have a good latch:
  • You may experience more pain that you ought to.
  • Your baby may not be getting enough milk and seem to want more feedings
  • You think you want to "give up"
This is a pretty good video for the Latch on. I have given this out to others that needed help with  nursing and it worked. If you have been wondering "what is the latch?" I really hope this helps! (I'm a visual learner so this REALLY helped me out.) 

  I haven't read her book. But I do know the very import thing is the LATCH.

Nursing SHOULD feel like tugging on your nipple, but not in a painful way.  The first few days of nursing you may be a little sore, BUT no bleeding, tears, or excruciating pain. If that's the case that means your baby is sucking just on the tip of your nipple and doesn't have the correct latch. (It should feel like massaging around your nipple)

Another thing I had to work on while nursing was/is PATIENCE. :) I always wanted to look at the clock and say "Aren't they done yet?" Some babies are very quick eaters (like my boys) or what I call lazy grazers (like my girls).

The benefits of breastfeeding
 (I LOVE the benefits)

  • The natural nutrients your baby recieves ( make sure to be eating the right foods at every meal)
  • Cost efficient
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Bonding between you and your baby(this is the best)
*Tidbits- Always eat a well balanced meal. Even if you don't have an appetite! Just think of the needs of your baby.  I'm sure you want to lose that baby weight and think, "it's ok to skip a meal". Eat something! The better foods you have going into your body, the better your baby is going to feel and be! And no worries you will and can lose that baby weight! That's the truth!

Watch out for foods such as:
Brocolli-causes gassy and discomfort in your baby.
Dairy- if your baby spits up or vomits a lot. So sorry, no dairy products. This does help! I've had to do it with each kid!
Chocolate- Yes, chocolate. (I know it's sad)Your baby may break out into really bad baby acne, or vomit.
Spicy Foods- Lots of spit up. Even Pizza.( The pepperoni)

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