Thursday, January 13, 2011

USBORNE BOOKS- the best books for children of all ages(adults too!)

Usborne Books are THE BEST! They are the leading publisher for children's educational books. My kids absolutely LOVE them! Like I said my children are 3,2,1. They love to read and they LOVE to learn.  My three year old has some of the books memorized and has been learning to write. My two year old is also memorizing the books. Knowledge is something you WILL take with you, this life and after.

This is the website:

Whether you want to add to your own library, just go to the website and purchase books.
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it's so worth it!

My kids favorites are: 
The touchy feely books, like "That's not my Princess", "That's not my Dinosaur". Other books include "There's a mouse about the house", "The Gobble Gobble Moo Tractor Book", "Everyone Poops!"(great for potty training), "Don't tell lies Lucy", "1001 Pirate things to spot. I wish I could name them all because they just love them!



Seriously these books are durable, fun, interactive, internet linked and educational! And there are over 1400 titles!

My favorites: "Conspiracy 365", "The Wickit Chronicles", "Oliver Moon and the Summer Howliday", "War Stories", Children's Encyclopedia, "See Inside your body", "50 Brain Games", "The big book of Fantasy Quests".



*TIDBIT- Read to your kids! Make at least 30 minutes of reading together. If you are unable to read to your kids,  get a designated reader (a neighbor kid or babysitter)
We read to our kids at night right before they go to bed. THEY LOVE it! Then they get to pick out a book to read in bed.

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